September 22, 2014
impt. tony abbott policies

The abolition of carbon pricing, which penalised the big polluters, followed a lengthy scare campaign. Abbott warned that the cost of living would rocket – a leg of lamb would end up costing A$100 (£55), his Agriculture Minister claimed – and a South Australian steel town, Whyalla, would be “wiped off the map”.’

Christine Milne, the Greens’ leader, warned Australia risked becoming “a global pariah in the family of nations”.’

it’s easy to feel very worried about all this

September 21, 2014

paranoia … on both sides

but from the no camp. worried they’d be targeted

iain, finance guy, pointed out a yes supporter having a cigarette. “see that guy, he’s angry we’re here. you can just tell. he’s not going anywhere. that’s the kind of yes supporter that’d have a couple of drinks, get violent, try and start something.”

the man put out his cigarette, and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to people and handing out leaflets. he didn’t have a drink, and didn’t start anything.

September 19, 2014
The guardian, five reasons to be cheerful if you voted yes

'the voting public are neither congenitally apathetic nor impenetrably thick, as the ruling classes would have us believe. Apathy results from the choices on offer being indistinguishable from each other and an electoral system where individual votes do not matter.'

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September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014
march 24 2016

date of scottish independence

September 16, 2014
bristol art workshops etc

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September 16, 2014

'I've attended a few referendum gatherings and while they have been entertaining, and occasionally inspiring, what they have not been is representative of all parts of Scottish society. In the main, the audiences were affluent, professional and university-educated. There were political activists there, too, and trade union officials.'

this is very true. the debate often seems to be intellectuals v intellectuals

These people may be grimly clinging to an old and outdated model of Scotland, but that’s only because modern Scotland has impoverished them, dismantled their neighbourhoods and their industrial hinterlands and shut down their schools.

And then we mock them for their adherence to God, Queen and country.

The people who will decide the referendum will not be those in the chattering, political classes but the tens of thousands in the housing schemes across the country whose children are underfed and who are exploited by employers paying very low wages.

Their voting records are not high and so we tend to ignore them at a Westminster or Holyrood election. Well, they’re voting in this contest – and so both sides had better start properly to understand their language and their curious ways.’

September 16, 2014

no one’s saying what the devolution powers are!

September 15, 2014

£10 reduction in bill (paperless)

£70 reduction in daily spending (over the course of one year)

1,500 eon point reward pnts

= 1,500 tesco reward points

or £15 in high street

it’s up to yourself

3 options

fixed 1 year:

protected from price increases 1 year

£10 exit fee if you change supplier

with VAT :

daily standing charge 16.422p

14.711p / kw

gas daily standing charge 21.903p

4.211p / kw

estimated annual spend £1149.04 / year

£95.75 / month

without Vat


14.010 / kw


4.010p/ kw


prices will change

no exit fee

daily standing charge 16.422p

15.225p / kw

gas 21.903

4.358 / kw

est annual spend:

1185.35 / year

98.78 / month

last price change january went up 4.3%

average price change 3.7%

without vat:


14.5p / kw


4.358 / kw 

no warning of price change

last month prices lowered … 

(or fixed two year)

14 days to change your tariff

variable tariff: standing charge is bigger because no direct debit 

tariff start date: 2 sep

'eon energy plan'


99/ mo

rolling tariff, no exit fee

if direct debit is cancelled, standing charge would go up again, no more reduction

dual fuel: £20 discount for having both electricity and gas with eon

you can change the direct debit amount online. but not the date (need to phone)

to call home moving department: 03453033020

payment: 15th of every month. first payment 15th oct

review account twice a year … statement every quarter

if you can’t pay you get a meter! hahaha

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September 15, 2014
independence: bad idea? economy & nuclear weapons

scotland could end up like spain (buggered) if it shares a currency but not a government

america’s nuclear policy and how it’s affected by independence:

basically the ‘special relationship’ is based on the US and UK having nuclear deterrents. if Trident is kicked out of Faslane, it will probably go to Georgia, perhaps permanently. leaving US as Nato’s sole nuclear provider

also a great quote: ‘The US is frustrated enough already at the number of bonsai armies in Europe.’


The US fought one of the bloodiest wars in their history to hold its union together. They can’t take the UK seriously if they just let their union fade.’

Dr Tim Oliver, of the Center for Transatlantic Relations

some people think this may make the rUK abandon nuclear weapons altogether. I think unlikely, and with Cameron in power, unthinkable


SNP want it out by 2020 … but could take longer

£3-4bn to build a new English base. could take until 2028 (when Trident submarines will be replaced

keeping subs there for a few years could be part of a deal with the rUK - in exchange for using the pound, or help w/ EU membership for example

UK government will make a decision on renewing Trident in 2016:


14,510 MoD jobs in Scotland (military & civilian)

and independent Scotland would:

'Work towards a total of 15,000 regular and 5,000 reserve personnel in the decade following independence (from 7,500 regular and 2,000 reserve personnel at the point of independence).'

less illegal wars, less nukes. more maritime patrol aircraft/vessels