April 21, 2014
scottish independence

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April 20, 2014
the marne

sept 1914

decisive defeat of german army. in effect they lost ww1 here

but news of the defeat was suppressed. at the end of the war, the myth was that the german army had never been defeated in the field

this of course contributed to rise of hitler …

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April 20, 2014
caroline lucas


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April 20, 2014
how Egypt became a British colony

in 1798, Napoleon invaded … Ottomans appealed to Britain to drive him out. They did in exchange for control over Egypt … lots of British troops around

fast forward to American Civil War. Huge cotton shortage as a result … much of Europe turns to Egypt for cotton. Egypt makes a shitload of money, but neglects food production … again needs Britain to bail them out. Also the construction of the Suez Canal meant big debts to European banks

1882 - British move in. Egypt becomes a protectorate until 1952

April 19, 2014

'Take a look at countries where the government makes its money from natural resources instead of human labor–Saudi Arabia, Russia, IranLook at the money and effort those governments spend making sure their people don’t rebelWhat will those countries look like when repression starts getting cheaper and cheaper? And why will America and Europe and East Asia be different? Isn’t a nation where the rich can get everything they need from robots essentially suffering from the same “resource curse” as Saudi Arabia?’

interesting point. never thought about it like that. ‘resource curse’ … is this why countries w/ big natural resources (venezuela, iraq, s africa etc) are unstable?? because the rulers can just fuck with the population??

'This sounds like nothing more than a fun science fiction story, but why shouldn’t this happen? Human civilization was somewhat like this for most of our history—aristocrats feasting in their manor houses, half-starved peasants toiling in the fieldsWhat liberated us? It might have been the printing press, or capitalism, or the sailing shipBut it might have been the gun. And if it was the gun that liberated us, then we should be very worriedBecause when the Age of the Gun ends, the age of freedom and dignity and equality that much of humanity now enjoys may turn out to have been a bizarre, temporary aberration.’

anyway the Age of the Gun is almost over; the Age of the Drone is coming: http://qz.com/185945/drones-are-about-to-upheave-society-in-a-way-we-havent-seen-in-700-years/

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April 18, 2014

Norman Macmillan interview, a fighter pilot in the Great War

"Our enemy was not the man in the machine. Our enemy was the machine itself"


April 5, 2014
Gotham city


Traces of nimbyism. But still important. For me the issue isn’t the skyline (but then I’m young and have grown up with the new, changing skyline) but the rents and targeted advertising towards foreign investors

April 1, 2014
London is being transformed with 230 towers. Why the lack of consultation?

the high rise building in London is partly driven by the lack of budget for social housing

councils have to approve commercial housing projects, with 10, 15% ‘affordable’ housing, in order to get the money to build truly affordable housing

meanwhile, we have more lame buildings that belong to overseas investors and stand empty, etc

March 30, 2014
spanish civil war

one of the causes: Spain had basically lost its empire. they still had a large colonial army with nothing to do: turned on ‘the enemy within’

March 30, 2014
Two Piranoid`s better than one especially if It’s Piranoid from future

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Wv9esG28M

love it

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